Wandering Nature


Photograph cities, just like taking nature photography.
A city is the place where I was born and raised. I feel attached to it and it is distasteful to me at the same time. It is always around me as given conditions. A city is another reality which is built on a network of technologies by people whose nourishment is information. It is a semi-virtual social space where data is overwritten and nodes are (dis)connected constantly. A city is an environment which bipedal animal populations have woven densely for many years with strange buildings. It is creating planetary-scale effects through its activities and breaking into a new geological era, while fluctuating by invasion of the novel virus. Thus we can call it nature.
When I go down streets, I am overwhelmed by complex multi-layered structures that nobody can handle anymore. Enclosed by numerous fragments of objects that are far beyond capability of perception, I look into a viewfinder, pushing my way through their folds, then landscapes shine with transparency. I wander inside the labyrinth of wandering nature where even grounds and figures are uncertain, relying on my camera.